Diigo Outliner

I just upgraded my Diigo account as I plan to use it a lot next year to help share resources with teachers at my school. In the process I discovered the outliner tool, which seems to be a great way to organise bookmarks and turn them into useful knowledge (to quote Diigo). Here is one I made … [Read more…]

a simpler way

Some thoughts on school improvement and self-organization from a simpler way by Margaret J. Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rogers, that I couldn’t figure out how to fit into my final Masters paper. The world we work in, and into which our students will graduate, is very different from the one many of us were prepared for … [Read more…]

Qualities of an effective school leader

It seems my current fascination is with the qualities of an effective school leader. I really like the list below, which comes from Kim Marshall’s excellent summary of “Touching Eternity” by Adam Rohdie in Independent School, Winter 2016 (Vol. 75, #2, p. 12, 14). A passion for education, a respect for and love of teachers, … [Read more…]

Thoughts on Leadership from Glanz

I just finished reading Action research as instructional supervision: Suggestions for principals by Glanz, J. (2005) for my Masters course and there were a couple sections at the end that describe a reflective leader that I really liked. This is what I aspire to be one day: “One of the most important decisions a principal must make is … [Read more…]

First 3D Printing Unit

First 3D Printing Unit

This year I purchased a 3D printer for my classroom. Our PrintrBot Simple Metal has been going flat out all year trying to keep up with our project ideas. So far it has printed trophies for our Mindstorms SumoBot competitions , Bugging Eyeballs for Halloween, Gameboard pieces for a Science Gameboard project, various attachment pieces for my … [Read more…]

Thinking about Reporting

Thinking about Reporting

This year I was involved in shifting my school's reporting process in grades 6 to 8 from a percentage based system to the IB MYP system which assigns a score of 1-7 based on progress measured against subject specific criterion. It's been quite a journey and has included numerous parent information sessions, a complete rethink … [Read more…]