Digiteen experiences in the “Nearly Now”

My recent experiences in the Digiteen Ning and a new incident involving my students starting a Digiteen Group that made fun of Canadian Stereotypes has gotten me thinking about Stephen Heppell’s idea that the ‘nearly now‘ of online spaces has interesting educational implications. In this post I’m hoping to refine some ideas about what are … [Read more…]

Playing with Google Forms

I’ve just created a form I want to get my students to fill in at the beginning of this year. I will have every class for a half hour to discuss the AUP and the links between technology and Approaches to Learning. I want to also use this time to collect some data about how … [Read more…]

Jennifer James

I just came across my notes from a Jennifer James presentation I went to a few years back. It really resonated with some of the other books I have been reading recently like The World Is Flat and A Whole New Mind. I thought it was worth re-posting. The morning’s keynote speaker was Jennifer James,a … [Read more…]

Blogs, RSS and Technorati

OK, blogs I get. It’s taken me a while but I understand. I started out just visiting a few blogs and gleaning some interesting insights. Then I discovered RSS and the incredible way that it allows me feed the information that I want directly to my computer. I’m even beginning to understand the value of … [Read more…]

Phoenix Mars Mission

I’m really enjoying keeping up to date with the events happening on Mars through the Twitter feed NASA is publishing. At the same time I find myself in awe of the technology that allows us to be in communication with a robot on a planet so far away. It took 9 months for the Phoenix … [Read more…]