Assessment and Twitter thoughts

I have just finished conferencing with my Grade 7 students and loved it.  This year I have commited to a portfolio based approach to grading using only criteria.  In my case this is made easier by the fact that we are an IB MYP school and I have four mathematics criteria that I have to … [Read more…]

Planning for being away

I am going off grid this week.  I am going up to Strathcona Park Lodge to spend the week kayaking with a great bunch of grade 9 students.  It’s going to be nice to leave the technology behind. As always happens before I go away on these trips I have had to work extra hard … [Read more…]

Math and PBL ramblings

I am currently following a great LearnNowBC course on Project Based Learning.  A forum thread on Math and PBL got me thinking so I left a long, rambling post on the forum.  I wanted to remember the post and the links shared so I thought I would re-post it here: __________________________________________________ This is where I … [Read more…]

Challenge #11: A new project idea and the ISTE nets

A thinking out loud post that is cross posted from my Flat Classroom Teacher Blog. _________________________________________________________ OK, I admit.  I was doing great with the Flat Classroom Teacher assignments until I had to start aligning my project to standards (Challenge #11).  This is the part I don’t like very much. Part of the problem has … [Read more…]