Diigo Outliner

I just upgraded my Diigo account as I plan to use it a lot next year to help share resources with teachers at my school. In the process I discovered the outliner tool, which seems to be a great way to organise bookmarks and turn them into useful knowledge (to quote Diigo). Here is one I made … [Read more…]

Digital Literacy Thoughts – first try

This is a first attempt at synthesizing a number of Digital Literacy frameworks into something that I feel I can take to teachers to help them build Digital Literacy capacity in their classrooms. The frameworks I have looked at include: BC Draft Digital Literacy Standards Mozilla Web Literacy Standards Brennan’s Framework for … Development of … [Read more…]

#EdCampWest reflection

I have just returned home from #EdCampWest at the University of Victoria and feel the need to write a few things down before they fade away. An Ed Camp is an interesting and somewhat elusive experience. The unstructured nature of the day gives participants opportunities to have conversations they are interested in, but this same … [Read more…]