Narrating my learning/questions

Another #etmooc vlog response to Scott Haseu’s latest post.  Upon reflection this one is more about questions than answers and I forgot to comment on Scott’s point regarding how we could be using recognition to encourage learning in our classrooms.  I think that this is a place where technology can be really powerful.  I have … [Read more…]

We value what we measure

I’m waiting for the tire place to finish putting new snow tires on my car. My belly is full and I am well caffeinated, and I feel like writing. The past two weeks have been really satisfying and a lot of really good stuff has happened at my school. After lot of hard work we … [Read more…]

EdCamp Leadership BC: notes and reflections

“Change doesn't happen when you introduce new technology, it happens when you introduce new behaviours.” For me this quote by Clay Shirky really sums up my experiences at EdCamp Leadership BC today. I sat in on three sessions: the first was a free wheeling conversation on creating a collaborative culture facilitated by @braddo; the second … [Read more…]

K12 Online Conference 2012: Notes

Digital ID Project: A platform for learning, sharing, remixing and teaching digital citizenship Google speakers before they come to your class. Great way to weave discussion of digital footprints into classroom. Whose responsibility is it to teach digital citizenship? Obviously everyone, but in many cases it is relegated to the computer teacher. Recommend Common Sense … [Read more…]

I _____, therefore IB.

This week I got wear my new MYP Coordinator hat. In particular I had the opportunity to run a 2 hour workshop with teachers before school started. After some discussion with my friend and senior school principal @smarshall575 we decided we wanted the workshop to be both an overview of the big ideas that make … [Read more…]