1. Sarah Keener

    Thanks for this! I am the librarian and am helping our middle school bulk create evidence folders AND google sites for student portfolios. For the sake of ease of management and for continuity (we are a 7-12 school and we want students to be owners of their folders/sites, and for these to follow students through grades, even if their advisors change), I had hoped to use siteMaestro. Unfortunately, it seems like it doesn’t work with new Google Sites… any experience with this? Also, have you thought any more about using Google Classroom instead of doctopus? I’m weighing the pros and cons and am uncertain, myself. I really like having a spreadsheet for all students that can be shared with other teachers/administrators.

    • Phil Macoun

      Hi Sarah, I am sure that you have figured things out by now bit thought I would leave a reply to say thanks for visiting. I have been on a blog hiatus, but am thinking of gving it another go.

      On the subject of Doctopus we decided to drop it after a year. Just too complicated. And as you suggest we are just using Google Classroom to organise submission of work etc. The fact that it makes a dedicated fodler for each assignment AND puts student names on their files is awesome.

      Would be interested in hearing how your e-portolio journey is going.

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