1. Wow! You have really done alot of prep work! This seems like it is really well thought out. I like how you have theought about the steps that you will walk them through. I also like how you are giving the parents real eaxamples and walking them through some of the digital skills their children need. The one thing I might add is to create a conversation time so that parents can talk about their hopes and fears. Form that conversation you may find the cohorts that are right in your community who can help you spread the word and continue to educate parents. Good luck and please blog how it goes!

  2. What an amazing presentation you have created! The thought and prep work that has gone into this is exceptional and my Delicious account just grew immensely! I still go back again and again to your “teacher power” and I have just put my gr 6/7 classes in a virtual classroom at TappedIn. I had long conversations with our techie about the chat, I had conversations with the moderator at TappedIn about the chat. He said, “Do you not allow talking in your f2f classroom? Then why stop it in a virtual classroom?” Techie agreed and we have the chat. I also nearly shut it down, has my heart rate soared to epic levels, but stuck to my commitment to leaving out my “teacher power” and watched with amazement as they self-policed and had a great time. Thx, Phil as this stemmed directly from your earlier blog post.

    I think your parents, school, and students are amazingly lucky to have you as a teacher. Your ideas on digital literacy are wonderful and your presentation gives parents a great insight into what some of us are attempting to do with technology. I agree with Alice, that the conversation time for parents is important and I also hope you blog on how it goes.

    I for one, as so glad you blog on these topics and I absolutely love reading your posts as they are so relevant to where I am. Interested in being a mentor??? 🙂

    • Wow, I am so impressed with your commitment to letting your students learn from their mistakes Cindy. I think I saw a tweet from you about TappedIn and never had time to follow it up. I look forward to reading about it in your blog. You know the importance of creating safe environments online for students to take risks and make mistakes actually ended up being one of the biggest messages of my presentation. It’s not what I planned to say, but I guess it is what I wanted to say.

      • I cannot believe how much the kids are taking responsibility for their actions in that TappedIn classroom. The things that have come up and been a learning experience have really rocked my wee world. Having a student who is a behavioral problem come to me to explain why he attempted to login into the classroom from home (I get an email from TappedIn stating the attempt was made and by which student as well as the time) and his reason just made me speechless. Backing out of their learning to be the “guide on the side” and letting them learn from each other has been incredibly powerful.
        I am so happy to read that your parents got to hear about the learning from mistakes and taking risks from you. I believe it is the most critically important part of teaching with technology.

  3. Phil

    Excellent set of resources and thanks for sharing. I hope you will be interested in coming over to join our DigiParent Ning at http://digiparent.ning.com/ This is something we want to develop and integrate into the Digiteen idea.

    One point, I think you need to move very quickly from ‘social networking’ over the ‘educational networking’ and be able to explain the difference to parents (and teachers and students!). The latter is the more professional version and comes with higher expectations of behaviour, language, responsibility and reliability I think.

    Hope you will share your final presentation with us! Thanks!

  4. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for the link to the Digiparent Ning, I will definitely join and share resources. I created a wiki as part of my presentation that I am hoping might become an information hub for the parents are my school. You can find it at parents21c.wikispaces.com.

    I hear you about the more professional appeal of ‘educational networking’ and I can see how it applies to projects like Digiteen. I used ‘social networking’ in my presentation to parents on purpose because that is what their children are mostly doing on sites like Facebook etc. and I think that initially parents want to know how they should be managing this aspect of their children’s social lives. I’m not sure that parents will be able to really understand the power of ‘educational networks’ until they can overcome their fear of ‘social networks’. What do you think?

    I will upload my presentation to Slideshare although I’m not sure how useful it is without the audio.

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