1. Phil
    I really enjoyed reading your post about global collaboration and Digiteen. It is so true, the best way to fully appreciate the power of global connectivity and collaboration is to jump in and do it! Everyday in some small way something special happens during a ‘flat classroom’ global project. It may the online discussions, it may be the ‘teachable moments’ where we guide students and teachers into better mods of digital citizenship, it may be the creativity that exudes from participants when they realise the sky is the limit and that is what is expected!

    We are very lucky to have you as a role model and advocate for personal learning networks and global collaborative projects!

  2. What an excellent description of your first experience with a globally collaborative project! I can relate to every step in your process and totally agree that fully participating in these kinds of projects is the only way to fully understand how our students are learning. This kind of entry into a PLN also makes that experience even more valuable. It’s so easy to see why these experiences are so important for our students. Now if only all teachers would be willing to make the leap!

  3. Recently, I’ve been thinking about collaborative projects and some comments from colleagues such as, “We can’t do that because we don’t know how.” You know, Phil, I’m not buying it anymore. Instead, I’m going to point them to this post where they will find the encouragement to become risk takers and see the value in joining a globally collaborative project. Cheers.


  4. @Julie, @Kim,
    Many thanks for the support and feedback. I have learned a lot from reading both of your blogs and it is really rewarding to know that you are both reading some of the stuff I am writing.

    Thanks for commenting. I did write this post with the idea that it might encourage a few people to take a risk and try a global collaborative project.

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