Grade 6 PowerPoint Unit

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This term my Grade 6 class worked really hard to investigate, design and create some excellent animated PowerPoint presentations on different inventions.  Our Guiding Question was “How can we communicate best?” and our Area of Interaction was Human Ingenuity

We used the ThinkQuest platform to help us stay on track.  This is a secure, private site but I have downloaded the project so anyone can have a look at the progression we followed.

Grade 6 PowerPoint ThinkQuest Project Pages

I was really impressed with the effort all my students put into their presentations and wanted to share a few of their stories:

Bullet Proof Glass – this student’s enthusiasm for his topic and delight at putting all the pieces together was exciting to watch.

Velcro – I was stunned by the amazing narrative story this student came up with to help convey her message.  Next year I am going to focus more on the storytelling aspect of this assignment.

Nail Polish – this presentation is visually stunning.  I can take no credit for her innate design sense.

Dubble Bubble – this presentation is notable in that it evolved an amazing amount as we progressed through the unit.  I am also proud of it as it includes a picture that we got official permission to use (a great teachable moment).

I am a little uncomfortable just highlighting a few of the presentations here as they were all amazing.  The entire collection can be found at

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