1. Haha, I remember doing a similar project in Grade 8 or so. We did a Monty-Python Style version of Cinderella. It was so much fun – definitely a memorable project. We had a great time making the sound-effects with foley techniques. (Incidentally, while all the other groups were messing around with tape recorders I got my group to use Audacity :P)

  2. Claire Thompson

    Phil, thanks for sharing this project; it sounds amazing! It’s great that you’ve outlined the project and what you would do differently. This is a wonderful resource.

    On a different note. I’m thinking about lobbying for eeePCs for my class; what has your experience been with them? Do the students find them straightforward to use? Thanks!

    • Hi Claire,

      The eeepcs I have are the 700 model and my main reason for getting them was the price. I think they are great and they are working well but they do have some downsides: the screen is really small; the keyboard is small but manageable; they only have 512 Mb Ram (which hasn’t been a problem so far but I think the lack of RAM might have been a reason for some of the glitches we faced with this unit). I am running the Xubuntu linux operating system on them and I think the slight differences with Windows might have also been responsible for some of my difficulties.

      I hope to get more netbooks for our school, but I am currently looking at the Dell Mini with Windows XP on it. James McConville of CUEBC has also done a bunch of research on netbooks and he seems to favour the Acer Aspire One:


      There also seems to be a lot of buzz around the Lenovo S10 (http://betch.edublogs.org/2009/03/16/420/), although I’m not sure we can ge them in Canada.

  3. Hi Phil,
    Very neat unit! I’m sure the kids loved it! I completely agree with the fact that you have to try to anticipate all technical hurdles beforehand – it’s proactive classroom management for the tech classroom.

  4. @Nick Thanks bringing me up to speed about Foley techniques. Now I will sound like I know what I am talking about 🙂

    @Ruth Thanks for visiting.

    @Errin Our previous conversation about creativity was bouncing around in my head during this entire unit.

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