Ditch Summit Bingo Sketchnotes

  • These are sketch notes I made while participating in the 2021 Ditch Summit.

Mood Light Project – Design Technology 7

  • Support site for a virtual DT Mood LIght project taught to a Year 7 class during the lockdown in March-June 2020.

Pewter Pendant Project Sketchup Tutorials Playlist

Cardboard Chair Project Sketchup Tutorials Playlist

Logo Design with Google Drawings Tutorials Playlist

Race Car Project Design & Marking Up Tutorials Playlist

Uplands EdTech Blog

  •  A teacher support blog that I created when I was a digital learning coordinator. I found it useful to organise resources in blog pages using Awesome Table. This digital toolkit page gives you a good idea how cool Aweoms Table is.

Google Certified Educator Level 1 Resource Site

  • I co-created this Site to support students in GCE Lvl 1 Bootcamps