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Another #etmooc vlog response to Scott Haseu’s latest post.  Upon reflection this one is more about questions than answers and I forgot to comment on Scott’s point regarding how we could be using recognition to encourage learning in our classrooms.  I think that this is a place where technology can be really powerful.  I have seen math classes where students record their thinking using flip cameras and share it later at the front of the class; MathTrain is another example of the power of technology to recognise and celebrate learning.  I am still waiting to get an iPad with the Educreations app in my classroom.  I think it could be an excellent way for students to demonstrate learning and be recognised for it.


  1. Scott

    I’m glad you’re enjoying this as much as I am, Phil. I think it’s important that we consider ways to help guide/mentor each other and less experienced educators reach higher degrees of self-efficacy. I’ll have to think about that.
    On your thoughts about how tech can sometimes trip up, I agree. However, I don’t want to under value the learning that takes place when troubleshooting and improvising. Narrating those moments can turn them from frustration and eye-rolling to learning and involvement–even resiliency. Here’s a great resource I got from @debseed about involving students that you may find relevant and useful. Thanks for staying up late and sharing, Phil. You’re a great neighbour.

  2. pmacoun

    Thanks for the response Scott. You are right, there is a lot of value in giving students lots of opportunities to troubleshoot and improvise. In my tech classes I am constantly telling myself ‘don’t touch the keyboard; don’t touch the keyboard’; it would be much easier for me to fix each technical problem for the students but in the long run they have to do it themselves. Dan Meyer has a great video called Math Class Makeover in which is asserts that we need to stop helping students so much. I agree completely.

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