1. I think the information presented in this video is fairly intuitive but I like how carefully it lays out it’s definition. I am considering using it in my classroom to help my students better understand what my goals are in my classroom. I have told them things like “I want to see YOUR thoughts and how well you can SUPPORT them” or that we do Socratic Seminars because I feel like formulating questions and engaging in discussions that will not necessarily have conclusions are more valuable than memorizing lists or writing paragraphs of summary. Yet, I’m not sure they understand what this “critical thinking” looks like from my brief explanations of it. Thank you for passing this video along – very useful!

  2. Thanks for leaving a note Candace. I agree that the video seemed very intuitive, but I likes the way it broke the process of Critical Thinking down into very manageable chunks. I can imagine teaching a series of lessons, each focusing on just one part of this video.

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