Playing with Google Forms

I’ve just created a form I want to get my students to fill in at the beginning of this year. I will have every class for a half hour to discuss the AUP and the links between technology and Approaches to Learning. I want to also use this time to collect some data about how our student population already uses technology. I will very likely run out of time but if the form is online then they can fill it in later.

As it turns out I can’t seem to embed the form in a blog post. The best I can do is embed it in a wiki page, which is really just as functional in my opinion. I tried it out and my first thought is that I have too many text based answers. If this kind of information gathering is going to be efficient and save me time I need to work on writing questions that can be answered in either 1 word, or with a number.

It’s a shame there isn’t a ranking tool for google forms. For example, put the following online activities in order from your most favourite to least favourite.

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