#sketch50 evidence – collaboration badge

I started participating in #sketch50  a few weeks ago on a whim. I now find myself a bit addicted to the challenge of drawing a new sketch every day based on the word or theme presented. It has certainly been a challenge.

After participating for a few days I realised that a credentialing system for #sketch50 had been set up on badgelist.com. I am very interested in badges and micro-credentials and this seemed to be a great way for me to get my feet wet and learn about badges from a student perspective. For evidence, I need to submit animated GIFS of my sketches. This was an interesting challenge as I do not have Photoshop on my Mac. I tried using GraphicConverter, but the learning curve was a bit too steep for late at night. I ended up using  giphy.com, which puts my pictures on someone else’s server (and I haven’t yet read the TOS), and adds some extra text, but gets the job done.

Sketches 13-18 have been interesting ones for me. I had the advantage of being on holiday for these ones, so was able to carve out some extra time to think about them and practice drawing. For the teamwork sketch I had 2 different ideas so decided to try both, and for the empathy sketch I wasn’t happy with my first one so re-did it. All these sketches have forced me to learn how to draw new things (ears, shaking hands, the world) and to think about what the words/concepts mean in an education context. It is a very refreshing non-linear type of learning that feels like it has value, but it is difficult to quantify that value. I know that many of the images I have been drawing over and over again will help to improve my sketch note skills, and wrestling with some of the concepts has helped me internalise them a bit more. Other than that, an unexpected bonus has been the expansion of my network to include some pretty creative educators.

The individual sketches can be found below.

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