Teaching with Tech or Learning with Tech Presentation

Yesterday I gave the presentation below to the middle and high school staff at our school.  My goal was to start a conversation about the pedagogical shifts necessary to successfully integrate technology in our classrooms.  I was really pleased with the conversation that took place during the presentation and thought it might be worth sharing.

As I was trying to figure out how I would approach this presentation I was fortunate to be participating in a Connected Leadership for Connected Learning course hosted by the Computer Using Educators of BC and run by the Community of Expertise on Educational Technology.  There were some great conversation in this course that helped me clarify some of my thinking and through this course I also found Steve Wheeler’s excellent presentation called New Pedagogies for a Digital Age, from which I borrowed a few great slides.

Teaching with teach or learning with tech

(if you watch the presentation on Slideshare my notes are included)

I included two videos in this presentation using the excellent iSpring Free PowerPoint plugin, but they don’t show in slideshare, so I have embedded them below.  Both of them did an excellent job pushing thinking and sparking discussion.

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