Thoughts on Leadership from Glanz

I just finished reading Action research as instructional supervision: Suggestions for principals by Glanz, J. (2005) for my Masters course and there were a couple sections at the end that describe a reflective leader that I really liked. This is what I aspire to be one day:

“One of the most important decisions a principal must make is whether or not to become a “reflective practitioner”. A reflective leader is someone who takes the time to think about what has transpired or what steps should be taken tomorrow. Reflective leaders think before they act and are proactive, not reactive. A reflective leader takes responsibility for making tough decisions and is willing to admit error. Reflective leaders do not act impulsively or overreact to a situaion. Instead they carefully consider options and decide on a course of action. Reflective principals continually think about instruction and ways to promote and enhance student learning. Reflection is the heart of professional practice.”

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