1. Thank you for the reflection on my presentation. I like the feedback. I really thought the morning presentation went really well, and my afternoon presentation wasn’t nearly as smooth, unfortunately. The “discover what algorithm this is” activity was a last minute addition, but it really worked well. Don’t tell people what algorithm it is! That way I can use it in my next presentation. 🙂

    The quote about “the heart of mathematics is problem solving” should be attributed to Dr. Gordon Hamilton, as I was quoting him from a workshop he’d given the night before for our parents.

  2. I thought the morning presentation went really well too and I promise not to tell anyone what algorithm it is. I have attributed the quote to Dr. Gordon Hamilton.

  3. Paul Klintworth

    Excellent post – great reflection! You may be interested in RaspberryPi http://www.raspberrypi.org/ In the UK there’s a strong move to promote Computer Programming, esp at the Secondary level. The PaspberryPi is available at the end of Feb, and there’s be an educational version in the Fall with full educational support.

    Now to write my reflection about the iPad workshop!!

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