Playing with Google Forms

I’ve just created a form I want to get my students to fill in at the beginning of this year. I will have every class for a half hour to discuss the AUP and the links between technology and Approaches to Learning. I want to also use this time to collect some data about how … [Read more…]

Jennifer James

I just came across my notes from a Jennifer James presentation I went to a few years back. It really resonated with some of the other books I have been reading recently like The World Is Flat and A Whole New Mind. I thought it was worth re-posting. The morning’s keynote speaker was Jennifer James,a … [Read more…]

Blogs, RSS and Technorati

OK, blogs I get. It’s taken me a while but I understand. I started out just visiting a few blogs and gleaning some interesting insights. Then I discovered RSS and the incredible way that it allows me feed the information that I want directly to my computer. I’m even beginning to understand the value of … [Read more…]

Phoenix Mars Mission

I’m really enjoying keeping up to date with the events happening on Mars through the Twitter feed NASA is publishing. At the same time I find myself in awe of the technology that allows us to be in communication with a robot on a planet so far away. It took 9 months for the Phoenix … [Read more…]